Sounds of Kali

Progressive Medicine and Deep Haux.

About Sounds of Kali

Sounds of Kali are
Sahaj Kaliman and Rudra Ayahuma Selva.

Progressive medicine means medicine music combined with progressive trance. Our music has a visonary aspect and is also connected to visonary art. The music of Sounds of Kali is deeply connected with Ayahuasca and Kali. In 2016, Sahaj and Rudra develop the idea to combine their know-how over more than 26 years of DJing, musician research, healing and shamanism. The goal is to create a direct and deep experience.

More information about the Gaya Kali ceremonies can be found on Gaya Kali- Centro de tecnologia das ciências nativas ancestrais.

Sounds of Kali is also very interested in presenting the connection of Medicine Music and Progressive House / Progressive Trance at parties and festivals.
Furthermore Sounds of Kali is a free project: Sometimes we are on stage together, sometimes only Sahaj or Rudra on stage, sometimes we are on stage globally at different places. A highlight is when Sahaj and Rudra are on stage together and present the whole art, which means progressive medicine and deep haux music with visionary art.

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