Sounds of Kali

Progressive Medicine and Deep Haux.

About Sounds of Kali

Sounds of Kali are
Sahaj Kaliman and Rudra Ayahuma Selva.

The Music from Sounds of Kali is deep connected to Ayahuasca and Kali.
In 2016 develop between Sahaj and Rudra the idea to connect their Knowhow about more than 26 years DJing, Music exploration, Healing and Shamanism to support a direct and deep experience with the mother of medicine, Ayahuasca. You will find more Information about Gaya Kali Ceremonies in facebook.

Sounds of Kali is also highly interested to present their Progressive Medicine and Deep Haux Music on Parties and Festivals.

Sounds of Kali is a free project: We are sometimes together on stage, sometimes are only Sahaj or Rudra on stage.

A highlight is, when Sahaj and Rudra are together on stage and present the complete Art, what means Progressive Medicine and Deep Haux Music with Visionary Art.

Progressive Medicine means Medicine Music connected with Progressive Trance and Deep Haux Music means Deep House connected with Medicine Music.

Our Music

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